Plays From Stories About the Irish Diaspora


I’m Anne. I was born in Cork city and spent most of my life in London and most of my holidays in Ireland. Recently retired I now split my time between West Cork and other places including England.

Fourteen years ago, I did something for the first time. Something that I never thought that I would do. I wrote, produced and directed a play on the London Fringe Theatre scene. I was amazed as I didn’t think that women of my age and background did things like that. But sometimes you just have to give things a go.

I have always loved going to the theatre but over the years I noticed that, whilst you could often see ‘a play from Ireland’ on the London stage there was rarely ‘a play about Irish people living in Great Britain’. I thought that this was rather sad given the number people with Irish heritage who have made their home over here.

I decided to try and rectify this, so along with several other playwrights we penned new plays which told some of the stories from the Irish diaspora. Most were staged and were generally well received on the fringe theatre circuit.

I have made the plays that I wrote available via this website just in case anyone would like to read or perform any. I have included a brief precis with each play along with a sample of the script which will give you a flavour of the piece.

Please get in contact with me should you require any more information or wish to read the full script.

In 2011 I set up a fringe theatre company called Green Curtain Theatre.   I did this to provide a home for playwrights from the Irish Diaspora to share and perform their work. You can find out more about what we do on our website Green Curtain Theatre Productions.


Anne Curtis






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